Your Trip

The Best Surf Trip Ever…

What are the ingredients for the best surf trip ever?

  1. Knowledgable guide to put you on the spot each day
  2. Ease of arrival and departure to your destination
  3. Epic waves 
  4. Good people to share it with
  5. Great food
  6. Comfortable accommodations

We’ve got it all covered!!!

Our guide has been surfing the area for over 10 years.  Earl eats, sleeps, and breathes Asu and the surrounding breaks.  Come and go from Asu any day of the week that suits your schedule.  10 epic waves in the area.  Asu Camp is the good vibe place on Asu, in front of the wave and the sunset, come share the stoke.  Lili and Herlina, our chefs, are amazing and turn out tasty treats and delicious meals everyday.  Our accommodations are everything you need, simple and comfortable, with the best spring mattresses and clean, white linens.

You just can’t miss when you book with Asu Camp!!!

It’s easy to get to Asu:

  1. Get a flight to Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta, or Bali (KL is the closest to Medan).
  2.  Get one of the many daily flights to the Medan Kualanamu Airport, North Sumatra.
  3.  A 1 hour connecting flight from the Medan Kualanamu Airport to Gunung Sitoli Airport Nias. (All flights into Medan and Nias are easily booked with
  4. Our driver will meet you at the airport and load your bags.  It’s a 2.5 hour scenic car ride to the west coast harbor of Sirombu.
  5.  Our speedboat will meet you in the harbor, load your bags for the 30 minute speed boat ride to Asu (in good weather conditions).
  6. A fifteen minute walk up the point to arrive at Asu Camp.

You can get from Bali to Asu in 12 hours.

Australia to Asu in less than 24 hours.

“A great surfing holiday experience for those who are looking for a true surfing holiday.”

Mark 2017, Aus.


When you reach Asu, your island life begins…

                    A leisurely 15 minute wander up the point through the coconut palm tree forest and you will reach Asu Camp Surf Club.

                                              When you arrive Asu Camp you will be so ready to hit the lineup…

Or you might just want a cold beverage and some good food…

“I’ve been to Asu twice, and scored out of my mind both times.”

Adam B. 2013, USA

Once you’re here, the peace of mind is immediate. 

And you might never wanna leave…