The New Bungalows – Luxury and Location

The 2019 Season is up and running and we have been scoring already in February!!!!  Spectacular things to come to Asu in 2019, that’s for sure.

We have 2 new, private, dual occupancy bungalows for you this year, along with the 3 room Big House.

We are particularly proud of our new bungalows though…they are by far the most luxurious bungalows on Asu and in the most dramatic location, right in front of the wave.  Right where you want to be on your dream surf trip to remote Indonesia.

Check em out!!!!

Here’s the exterior, complete with outdoor shower, shaded board rack, 2 lazy chairs with a side table and enough space to hang up 2 hammocks on the terrace.

But more importantly, check the view!!!!

No better place to hang out than these terraces…

Dialed in for a set of mates…

Or a romantic love shack…

Or a family affair…

Check out the Bathroom!!!!  One of a kind, for sure!!!!

Whatever you’ve got in mind for your next surf trip, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re planning a trip to Sumatra, or anywhere else in Indonesia, think twice and get in touch to check availability, cause this is THE place to BE.

Only with Asu Camp…

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