No Crowds…does it really exist???

No Crowds…does it really exist???

What do we mean when we say that you can surf Asu and our surrounding breaks with NO CROWD? As the world surfing population skyrockets, with surfers coming from nations that don’t even boast a single kilometer of coastline, can surf destinations like Indonesia really offer the same vibe that was found in the water 40 years ago?

Well, let’s define what a crowd is…

I have been spending a lot of time in Bali the last 2 seasons, surfing Uluwatu with maybe 100 heads lined up almost shoulder to shoulder from the Racetrack up to Temples. I have spent many sessions down at our famous neighbor Lagundry Bay, Nias with 40 people on a takeoff the size of a helicopter pad. I have surfed Mundaka with more than 60 people in the water, Pipeline with 40+…the list goes on. I am familiar with crowds and in my opinion a crowd is a defined by multiple people paddling for the same wave. A crowd is a group of surfers, sitting shoulder to shoulder, yet not recognizing one another, not respecting one another, not lining up to share the bounty that the ocean delivers. Why? Because let’s face it, most of us are in this for ourselves, many of us on our dream trip of a lifetime and trying to make the most of it. Some of us just think that we surf so good we have the right to these waves over others that don’t surf so good. Some of us just plain don’t understand the basic principles of the surfing code and brotherhood and sisterhood that goes with it.

At Asu, we find that the adage ‘bad roads bring good people’ most often rings true. We are far, it takes a lot of time and effort to get out to the Hinakos. Not as much as it used to, but still, we are off the beaten path. So that means that most of the surfers that come all the way out to our neighborhood are here for the same thing. Sharing a truly good vibe and sharing the bounty.

The lineup at Asu is normally 0-10 people. Most of those people know each other’s names and have established a relationship at some level, they are not pretending that the other doesn’t exist, they are not wearing blinders so that they can pretend the guy sitting 1m to their inside isn’t there to catch the next set wave that comes in.

Ours is a lineup of respect, of sharing, of caring, basic human principles that can engage each of us on the same goal, to have fun and share waves.

So when we say that we don’t have crowds out at Asu, we mean that you are most likely to find yourself surfing with 4-10 other like-minded surfers.

We also have 9 other breaks in our area, that we surf mostly by ourselves when we take the boat out. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of pulling up to an empty lineup.

So, if you’re keen to catch that feeling of what it was like to surf Indonesia 40 years ago, before the hoards of surfers invaded Bali and the big name spots with well trodden paths and cheap accommodations, then give Asu Camp a try. Come and feel the peace in our place, share the bounty that exists in our lineups, and make meaningful friendships with kindred spirits who from the great reaches of our crazy connected planet, find themselves sharing waves with complete strangers turned friends.

You never know until you go…

One of the most common questions that I get about surf trips to Asu Camp is, when should I come to Asu?  What is the best time of year?  What is the ‘season’?…

I like to reply that April-October you have equal chance of scoring amazing Asu, it’s a surf trip, so you just have to come and see what nature delivers.  I will often follow that up with the idea that if you are looking for smaller waves from moderate swells, then shoulder seasons are your best bet, March-April or September-October.  If you are looking for pumping Indo waves, then June-August might be the best time.

The reality is that it’s nature’s call…

Sunday, April 22, the first big swell of the 2018 Indo season is arriving.  There’s going to be solid 2-4 times overhead waves coming through at Asu for atleast 3 days in a row.  Take a look at these charts:


Each season is a different season, you never know what you’re going to get, until you go!!!!

Stay tuned for pics and stories from the Hinakos…

Top 10 reasons to choose a surf trip to Asu Camp

Top 10 reasons to choose a surf trip to Asu Camp:

  1. The vibe in the camp is so peaceful, you will feel it right when you walk in.
  2. Bad roads bring good people.
  3. The food is so good, you will want to take chef Lili home with you.
  4. The view is the best on earth, straight out to the wave with a slight deviation of the neck to the west to catch the sunset.
  5. Folo’s laugh is from the gut and will make you smile.
  6. One of the most consistent swell magnets in Indo, if not the world. It’s literally never flat here.
  7. When Asu is pumping, there’s no where else you’d rather be.
  8. No roads, no shopping, no hassles, no issues, just surf at your doorstep.
  9. No crowds. Surf epic waves in small groups, just the way it ought to be.
  10. We surf 10 waves on 6 different islands, each with it’s own wind and swell conditions. It’s always offshore somewhere.

Now we’re bloggin’…

Yo, this is our first blog and we’re gonna just be poppin’ stuff up here like popcorn when we get back on Asu.  We’ll be hittin’ ya with the latest in fresh news and surf reports, along with the sickest photos showing what’s really goin’ on out in paradise.

Stay tuned.

Only with Asu Camp.

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