Frequently Asked Questions


What are the conditions right now?

What is there to do in Asu besides surf?

Are there any other surf spots in the area?

What kind of money should I bring? And how much?

Do you accept Credit Cards?   

 Beers and Sodas are additional to my paid stay at Asu. How much are they?

Should I surf Lagundri Bay on my trip to Asu?

Are there other camps on Asu? And how are the crowds?

How is the food at Asu camp?


What are the conditions like right now?


What is there to do in Asu if there are no waves?

Hammocks – Chill out in one of our many hammocks strung up in the shade of the palm trees around the Asu Camp property. With a view of the wave from every hammock, a book, and a cold drink, what more could you need?

Yoga/Fitness Bungalow– Yoga, stretching, and fitness bungalow with exercise balls, yoga mats, dumbbells, barbells, weight machine, elliptical bike, spinning bike, bands, pull-up bar, and a variety of cross-training videos.

Snorkeling – The reefs around Asu boast a variety of coral, caves and crevices to be explored, and a multitude of reef fish and shell fish.

Tide pools – There is a tide pool just in front of the camp that is ideal for a mid afternoon cool down. We call it the aquarium, sit back and enjoy the sun in the cool, shallow waters of the tide pool while tiny little fish swim all around you. There are 3 pools, one cascading into the next, which one you enjoy depends on the height of the tide at the time.

The Beach – A 10 minute walk to the East shore of Asu and you arrive at the pristine white sand beach. Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling up the reef to the north, or just a walk on the sand.

Walk around the island – You can walk all the way around Asu at a leisurely stroll in just 2.5 hours. Search for shells along the beach, look at the tide pools, stop in at Mama Silvi’s place for a cold soda, water or beer, and a jump in the ocean on her beautiful stretch of white sand beach.

Games – We have a Chess and Backgammon board that made from hand carved wood from Nias, 3 decks of cards, Jenga, Chinese checkers, and other distractions.

Bonfires – The beach in front of the camp is loaded with driftwood. Collect wood in the cool of the afternoon while enjoying sunset and pile it up for a big bonfire at night.

Stargazing – We have thin sleeping mattresses for taking down to the beach at night. On a clear night, lay down on the sand and gaze up at the majestic skies of the outer islands. Without artificial lights to disrupt the view, the stargazing is amazing.

Visit Hinako  – There are 8 islands in the Hinako Islands chain off of Nias of which Asu is one. Visit the most populated and 2nd biggest of them and take a walk around to see how the locals live.

Music – We have an acoustic guitar, a drum, 2 berrimbaus, 2 tamborines, and various other percussive toys.

Are there any other surf spots in the area?

There are 9 other surf spots in the area, all accessible by speedboat. Our two 6.25m moulded plastic speedboats with 40hp Yamaha Enduro outboard engines get us there.  Included in your accommodation is access to other breaks when conditions are favorable for another spot. Other than Asu, there are 6 rights and 3 lefts that work in different wind and swell conditions.  Our goal for each day is to surf where it’s offshore.  Bawa, a deep water right hander, is a 25 minute boat ride south of Asu at the other end of the Hinako islands chain. We go to Bawa when Asu is onshore with West wind and it will be offshore there. There are a handful of other reefs in the Hinako Islands that work on the right swell and wind conditions, you just have to know when they’re on, and don’t worry, cause we know.  There are also other breaks on west Nias that are offshore almost every morning thanks to the big mountains of Nias Island, we like to do sunrise runs to score classic green morning barrels, I think you’ll like it too.

What kind of money should I bring? And how much?

You should bring Indonesian Rupiah out to Nias. There are only two ATMs on Nias, the first is 20 minutes from the airport in the town of Gunung Sitoli and the second is in Teluk Dalam, southern Nias, just 20 minutes from Lagundri Bay.  We recommend bringing as much Rupiah as you feel comfortable carrying. You never know, you may want to stay longer, buy a board from a new friend, get some massages, or have to pay for some ding repair to fix a stick…best bet is to come prepared.  Asu is very safe, there is no crime here, our staff are totally trustworthy and your Bungalow is under observation all day.

Do you accept Credit Cards?   

We can accept major bank issued International Visa and Master Card credit cards with a credit card machine in camp (the charge is subject to a 3% bank fee).

Beers and Sodas are additional to my paid stay at Asu. How much are they?

Cold Beers are available for 60,000 Rp. ($5 USD) for a Large Bintang Bottle and cold cans of Coke and Sprite are available for 25,000 Rp. ($2 USD).

Should I surf Lagundry Bay on my trip to Asu?

Lagundry Bay is generally really crowded. There are a lot of locals that surf there, and they surf really well. They also have a really bad habit of taking off on foreigners. At the same time, the wave is really good and was included in a recently published book called “50 Places to Surf Before You Die.” It is a short but hollow right hander and a really nice complement to the wave on Asu, so surfing there on your way to or from Asu is highly recommended. And as far as the crowd goes, if you are patient and wait for the right wave to come to you, you will get barreled.

Are there other camps on Asu? And how are the crowds?

There is 1 other camp and a local losmen on Asu, but crowds are relatively non-existent. Asu Camp is directly in front of the wave at Asu, THE ONLY CAMP WITH AN ALL DAY VIEW OF THE WAVE!!!! We watch the wave all day, every day. We know when it’s best and we are on it when it’s best. The other camps come and go by boat and we generally know their rhythm, so we usually surf around them, or even if we surf with them, the “crowd” at Asu is generally under 10 people.  Surf charter boats occasionally drop by for a day or 2 at the most, usually when the swell is small, and sometimes we see up to 15 people in the lineup, but then the next day they continue on their way to the Banyaks or Telo Islands.

How is the food at Asu camp?

The food is excellent. Fresh and plentiful every day, you won’t go hungry.  Breakfast is a selection of items from fresh fruit salads topped with  grated coconut and roasted peanuts to Corn Flakes, or porridge/oats/mueslix with fresh papaya, banana and walnuts. You can also request eggs any way you like em, fried, poached, hard boiled or an omelette with cheese and veggies.  If that doesn’t do it for you, we also make pancakes hot off the skillet cooked up with cold pressed coconut oil and topped with maple syrup.  Fresh bread is baked daily. Lunch is served family style at mid day and is different everyday. Dinner is also served family style after sunset at 7 and is different everyday.  Our menu is diverse and delicious.