“There are so many waves around the island that no matter what are the wind/swell condition you can find a perfect spot with offshore winds and no one around…”

Vitor 2016, BRA


Location is everything and we’ve got it covered.  Wake up and check the surf, have lunch and check the surf, enjoy sunset and check the surf.  If we’re not surfing, then we’re watching the surf.  Be on it when it’s best.  Only with Asu Camp.


“…your camp is definitely a little piece of heaven…”

Yeskoa 2015

Food :

Breakfast is a la carte, choose what you’d like, from fruit salad to a delicious omelette with fresh baked and toasted bread.  Lunch and Dinner are served family style at our big dining table.  The food is delicious, it never runs out and to top it off, desserts to die for.


“My wife and I had been traveling for over a year by the time we had made it to Asu and had seen lots of beautiful islands, beaches, waves, etc and this one was our favorite.”

Gabe 2012, USA


Mostly what we do on Asu is surf, or if Asu is no good we go looking for surf around Asu.  When it’s time for some rest and relaxation, cold coconuts and a hammock in the shade, or a slow stroll around a small island.  Or maybe a snorkel on the fringing coral reef.  Asu offers adventure and tranquility unrivaled.


A client once told us, “There’s nothing here, but you’ve got everything I need.”

                    That’s what we do.  We give you a great time in paradise…so that it feels as if you’ve always belonged here.

“Asu Camp has just what you need for the perfect surf trip…”

Tom 2015, USA