Top 10 reasons to choose a surf trip to Asu Camp

Top 10 reasons to choose a surf trip to Asu Camp:

  1. The vibe in the camp is so peaceful, you will feel it right when you walk in.
  2. Bad roads bring good people.
  3. The food is so good, you will want to take chef Lili home with you.
  4. The view is the best on earth, straight out to the wave with a slight deviation of the neck to the west to catch the sunset.
  5. Folo’s laugh is from the gut and will make you smile.
  6. One of the most consistent swell magnets in Indo, if not the world. It’s literally never flat here.
  7. When Asu is pumping, there’s no where else you’d rather be.
  8. No roads, no shopping, no hassles, no issues, just surf at your doorstep.
  9. No crowds. Surf epic waves in small groups, just the way it ought to be.
  10. We surf 10 waves on 6 different islands, each with it’s own wind and swell conditions. It’s always offshore somewhere.

Now we’re bloggin’…

Yo, this is our first blog and we’re gonna just be poppin’ stuff up here like popcorn when we get back on Asu.  We’ll be hittin’ ya with the latest in fresh news and surf reports, along with the sickest photos showing what’s really goin’ on out in paradise.

Stay tuned.

Only with Asu Camp.

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